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Enzo Mayo was born in Tananarive. Réunion Island origin, he lived for long years in Marseilles and works currently again on his island.

Enzo mayo


In his painted work, this visual artist technician rests from the very start on a technical solid inspired by traditional Flemish: in his passion by the "transparencies", he aspires in fact to the third painted dimension.

Then he tries to escape from the only law of "refraction" from the light which governs usually painting, by associating synthetic crystal plates engraved and modulated. He uses for that the pigments and the materials purest, resulting from the techniques of certain advanced technology industries.

Mayo introduces into his creation the concepts of reflexion and diffraction. True sculptor of the reflection, he captures the image of the spectator and of his environment and inside even his painting involves his inside: distorted reality mixes with the painted expression and the illusion of reality joined the imaginary one of the artist. The spectator is left free choose his "point of view"; the ambient light is not more parasitic!

Developing this idea, Enzo Mayo which exploits the discoveries of industry, wants to develop the rejections. he uses them his creations of workshop until monumental scenography.

Public presentations

He’s a scaffolding which sheltered nearby of the Léman Lake his "Imaginary Temple" created in Vevey in 1986; in 1988 he will be "Symbiosis for Volcano and Birds" and erection on an old geothermic platform of twelve monoliths 6 meters height and 20 tons each one with the sides of the Piton de la Fournaise in the Réunion island; he’s on an unused unloading dock that it sets up in 1991 for the town of Saint-Nazaire "Les Ducs d’Albe" to commemorate the abolition of slavery; and it is in 1999 that he creates for the city of the Port in the Reunion island, "the stony hearts", a casting of enormous carved blocks of basalt.

From 2000 he works on the "Chakras" for the creation of "Mille pétales" and 2004 he prepared the visual conceptualization of "Shringara".

Mayo affirms each time his desire to involve the spectator in his works as in another dimension, where the reflection, a distortion or the simple diversion of an object gives to reality appearance our dreams.

All the works are painted in oil on canvas; added Perspex plates, engraved and carved.